Home Collection mattress cover

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Below you will find some sorted reviews from happy and not so customers who already bought this Home Collection mattress cover:

- Seem pretty durable. Doesn't crinkle and make a sound like some plastic covers do. Strong and soft that you can keep on the mattress full time. I am covering mine with a cotton cover too for extra softness. Handle carefully and you'll enjoy these for storage or moving.
- It seems to be made of medium grade vinyl, like you'd find in a hospital bed. Much better than the flimsy plastic ones. For the price, this mattress cover is a pretty good value - did their job (to keep insects, especially bedbugs hiding in the moving van, from getting into our bedding). I will admit you need to be a little careful putting the cover on the mattress because it can tear fairly easy.
- It is not very clear in the description, but this is vinyl. I returned it immediately. Did not open the package, can't describe the item, but I wanted a bug barrier that was made of material. Also expected the extreme plastic smell.