Clean Rest Bed Bug Mattress cover

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Below you will find some sorted reviews from happy and not so customers who already bought this Clean Rest Bed Bug Mattress cover:

- This mattress cover fits well, it is slightly large. The excess material allows it to be slipped over the mattress or removed without much issue. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who might have allergies or want something that is supposed to be waterproof.
- Easy for two people to wrap the mattress in. Nice zipper seal and seems like a quality product. It doesn't fit super tight, but you can tuck the excess under the mattress.
- While I've never had a problem with bed bugs, I have heard they are notoriously difficult to get rid off once they invade your home. So I liked that this product had the added benefit of the bed bug protection via the hardcore "zipper lock case".
- The sides and bottom are not the same material as the top and the top does not feel good to the touch but it is under the sheets. It works well and made a huge difference in our allergies.